All testimonials are from customers of FTS. They are edited for content. For security and privacy and by request of the person giving the testimonial some names and company information are withheld.

FTS provides excellent customer service

FTS provides excellent customer service, personal attention, and creative solutions to any and all problems. Paul and FTS recently put a new system in my new law office and I couldn’t be happier with the quality of service. I highly recommend FTS to anyone in the market for high quality communications…..

William Glenn Roy JR-Law Firm

FTS gave us huge savings

FTS gave us huge savings on our phone service. They also provide fantastic customer service. Night and day, Paul and his team are available to remedy any situation. Great company to work with!

Susan D - Golf & Country Club

FTS provides excellent quality of service

We changed our phone system to FTS almost a year ago in my Hotel. FTS provides excellent quality of service with awesome customer service 24 / 7. Highly recommend FTS to anyone for high quality communications.
Thank you Paul & FTS.

Hiren- Days Inn Hotel

Their technical support is truly outstanding

FTS and Paul are the best telecommunications company that I’ve ever worked with. Their products and services are excellent. Their technical support is truly outstanding. If you are looking for telecommunications services FTS is the way to go.

Carl - Finincial Services Company

Amazing Service! Definately recommend.

I hired FTS for one of our offices to gage the service. Now I have all three of my offices connected with FTS. Paul is fantastic, he goes beyond the line of duty and most important always picks up the phone. He also found a great toll free number for us. Amazing Service! Definately recommend.

A Yahoo Local User

The equipment is first rate

Installation and continuing very timely service by Paul at FTS has been outstanding. I strongly recommend FTS as your internet telephone service provider. My law office has been using FTS for well over two years, and we have never, ever had any problems. The equipment is first rate, and every feature we asked for was promptly up and running. If you want to save a lot of money on your hard line telephone bills, switch to internet phones with FTS.

Law Firm

With our high business volume, we depend on FTS

With our high business volume, we depend on FTS for a reliable telecommunication service to better serve our clients. We are tremendously pleased by the prompt, professional service provided by FTS 24/7. During the past 6 years, outages have been rare. FTS has even helped us to build best practices with an emergency plan in place should switchboard lose power during a hurricane or local lightening strike. Having phone accessibility is an integral part of our day-to-day operations and we rely on FTS to provide the right tools to help our business grow. We would highly recommend FTS for your business.


They are always responsive to our needs

Our law firm has been a client of Florida Telephone Services for a long time. They are always responsive to our needs. I highly recommend Florida Telephone Services to anyone looking for high quality telephone and customer service for your business. They have our highest recommendation.

Law Firm

Great product and wonderful customer service.

Great product and wonderful customer service. Couldn’t be more pleased with this company. System works great and the sound is crystal clear. I would highly recommend this company and their product’

Michelle S- Printing Company

We’ve always received very prompt service and top notch attention

We have been a customer with FTS for over 5 years now and are very pleased with the service we receive. Any time there have been issues, Paul is always extremely fast to help even when the issues are due to our internet provider. We’ve always received very prompt service and top notch attention. Outstanding customer service!

Morgan - Sign Company

Amazing customer service!

Excellent company! Amazing customer service! They go above and beyond to help!

Medical Center

FTS and Paul made the set up easy

After talking to quite a few companies and users I realized that someone who is available when needed particularly at set up was key. FTS and Paul made the set up easy he continues to provide good and prompt service as needed- I know there is a person we can count on that knows what is needed and goes the extra mile.

Ric - Allstate Insurance Company

Easy, no hassle and the product works.

Outstanding service. Looked into many different companies and these are by far the best. Easy, no hassle and the product works.

Alistair - Realestate

Customer service is outstanding.

Customer service is outstanding. Comcast changed my static IP address without notice. My business was without phone and internet. Paul identified the problem and contacted Comcast on our behalf to resolve the problem.
Highly recommend

Michael - Law Firm

This company provides service with no borders or boundaries!

The name is decdptive. This company provides service with no borders or boundaries! Their customer service is priority ONE. They helped us through a difficult transition with a positive attitude, and kept us smiling. They are very solution oriented and are eager to work with you and any special needs you may have. We are very pleased to have found them and highly recommend FTS. This is the way we should all do business.

Claudia - Carpet Company

They held to deadlines that were agreed on

We have a quite complex phone setup with multiple sites including staff that works from home. FTS(Paul) was everything that I needed and wanted in a phone company. They held to deadlines that were agreed on, and were professional to deal with. I have and will continue to refer all the business I can to FTS.

Steven - Medical Company

I highly recommend FTS to anyone

I highly recommend FTS to anyone needing a simple easy (headache free) phone system. There is not anything that Paul cannot make possible! He always returns calls, returns emails, always answers the phone, and is quite possibly the best customer service we ve had in a while. He takes the time to explain what will be the effect of each decision.

Lauren - Auto Dealership

FTS is our only referral choice!

If it’s value and reliability that you require in your telecom service, you could not be better served by engaging the folks at FTS Telecom.
As managing director of Master Capital Wealth Management, it was imperative for me to find a company that could help us expand our services when we moved in 2009, without breaking the bank. FTS assessed our situation and gave us solution that was/is expandable, reliable, and cost effective.
On the rare occasion that we had a issue with our service, Paul and his team have been quick to respond and very accommodating.
At Master Capital we truly believe in sharing great things and in this case FTS is our only referral choice when in comes to telecom!

Scott- Financial Services Company

Our experience with FTS has been top notch

For a long time we had been looking to replace our phones due to the constant call dropping we experienced day in and day out. Joe, our rep came into our office at just the right time and offered us a solution. We had our new phones installed about two months ago and they couldn’t be better. The FTS phones are easy to use and we are, of course, grateful for the much improved call quality.
In addition to the functionality and ease of the product, that FTS staff is a joy to work with. If we have any questions regarding our products, Joe is quick to respond. He also stops in frequently to see how things are working and to say hello. Overall, our experience with FTS has been top notch.

Steve F

Today we love our new color display phones

Hi Joe,

Any time you need a good referral for your Hosted Phone System let me know.

I am so happy you got us away from our previous Hosted Phone provider. It has been a nightmare from day one. We were always calling them for support? What a joke they are, every time I call in, I had to wait on hold approx 45 minutes and then spend another 30 to 45 minutes trying to trouble shoot their phone system.

I am a professional Realtor for the past 15 years not “the phone repair lady”. Also when they finally did come out they changed out the modem, wiggle some wires it works for a day or two and then we start all over again.

Today we love our new color display phones they are much easier to read and now we can see who is on the phone. With the previous provider we never knew who was on the phones, no line appearance and also the phones were pretty cheap looking liked they belonged from 1999.

Carolyn H

Very pleased with the performance and ease of operation

We purchased a phone system from FTS Telecom and have been very pleased with the performance and ease of operation. Paul worked around our schedule and continues to be available at a moment’s notice for any training or additional service needs. I would strongly recommend his product and services if you are considering purchasing a phone system.

Brian B. MD

To my surprise everything FTS promised, they delivered

Joe came into our Corporate Office in Orlando FL, back in November of 2013 and met with Angela my Office Manager and Afshaan, IT Manger and indicated he could save us money and install a VoIP phone system that would work to our standards. We were with another provider at the time. In addition we had been trying for a year and half to get our previous provider to work with us and we have had no success, in fact we had several numbers that for over a year we could not get them to port over to us. Lastly one more frustration we were facing was whenever we type on our computers the phones would cut out or disconnect.

I must say when my Staff came to me about FTS I was nervous in dealing with another phone carrier. We have been losing business ever since we went with our previous providers because our clients could not contact us.

To my surprise everything FTS promised, they delivered. We have a 10 locations and the installation in every site went smoothly in addition, from start to finish FTS took only a short time to complete the transition. I would highly recommend FTS to others. At the end of the day we also saved money on our bill going with FTS.

Dr. Mark - Medical Offices Complex

I am so glad that FTS Telecom became the right fit for our needs.

Dear Joe,

I am so glad that FTS Telecom became the right fit for our needs.

We have previously tried many other phone carriers and IT companies and as we mentioned they just could not give us what we wanted.

In addition our phone system 3COM was at the end of life cycle.

I must say I was very happy with everything regarding the service you provided. The install time frame and completion of scope of work for our two locations was quick and efficient just as promised. Also we love the ease and functionality of the FTS DASHBOARD and LIVE CHAT what a time saver and great commutations tool we now have with all of our employees. It is used daily and has changed the way we do business and training. Lastly the quality of each phone call is excellent. More importantly above all that you and your staff have been excellent to deal with from initial install to any random questions or advice we have needed as time has gone on. I can’t thank you and you team enough for all the hard work and effort you have shown us. We truly appreciate the relationship.

Joe I would recommend FTS without hesitation. Should you or any potential customers have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly.

John L - V.P of Operations

I am especially impressed with their follow up and response time

My company had been looking to upgrade or find a new phone system. Our present system was an Intertell PBX and was over ten years old in addition it just didn’t make any sense to upgrade the current one nor go back with a another traditional PBX. So I started my quest for a new VoIP system, so we met with the local cable company for a VoIP phone systems but I felt they were pricey.

I then met with Joe, the FTS Sales Manager he stated he could save us money by switching over to FTS voice lines and unlimited long distance and phones with a phone system. He said that the savings would be cheaper that just staying with the cable company’s voice lines and long distance . In addition I love all the extra features FTS was giving to us with no extra charges.

Everything FTS promised was delivered. The transition went smoothly. I really like the new phones which are Gigabit ready.

I am especially impressed with their follow up and response time for adds and changing of configurations. Joe, please feel free to have any of your new prospect that wants to talk more about your services to call me.

John - IT Manager Pool Builder

The service that we receive is first rate and the pricing is a great value!

FTS Telecom has been a great business partner for all our clubs for the past several years. Paul and his team are very professional and extremely responsive to our needs. When we need them, they are there for us and always have the solution to meet our growing needs.

The service that we receive is first rate and the pricing is a great value! I would be pleased to recommend FTS to any company. Give them a try, and you will be happy that you did!

Nate - Golf and Country Club