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A couple of options when working from home

When you need to forward your calls to your cell phone do the following

 On your extension press the “ForwardAll” option at the bottom of the LCD screen

  1. Enter your cell phone number
  2. Press ok and your done.
  3. TEST Before you leave to make sure its working as intended
  4. Press the CancelFWD to undo the forward

YES you also can take your phone home and work remotely

  1. The phone must be connected directly to your router or modem at home via the LAN port on the back of the phone using an Ethernet cable. Plug ONLY the LAN port into your router or modem. DO NOT Plug the phone into the back of your computer or laptop This WILL NOT WORK.
  2. Look on the back of your phone: If your phone does not have a black 12v power supply (the middle, circle plug) you will need one for the phone to function at home. Depending on the model of your phone, FTS may be able to supply one if needed. Please let us know the phone model and we can search our inventory. If available, these can be picked up from  our office in Longwood. Do NOT use any power supply that is not approved by FTS or you may damage the phone.
  3. Once plugged into both power and your home router or modem, please submit a ticket to let us know it is plugged in as there is an additional step that must be taken on our end to finalize the setup.

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