Q What is VoIP?
   A VoIP is a means of transmitting analog voice signals over a digital network. Small to medium-sized business (SMBs) are increasingly turning to voice over IP (VoIP) solutions as an alternative to traditional public switched telephone networks (PSTNs). Instead of your voice being transmitted over analog phone lines, your calls will be routed through networking equipment and travel by way of Internet Protocol. Since phone calls are placed through the internet, phone companies and long-distance charges are bypassed. Commercial users of VoIP technologies can save money and cut costs by installing VoIP hardware instead of using telephones which can accumulate hefty long distance charges.
Q How does FTS’s VoIP service work?
   A FTS contracts with the leading national carriers to offer you the best, most reliable internet access, at the best price, to support your voice needs. FTS is a complete business communications solutions provider. We offer inbound, outbound, and two-way calling with a variety of available features. Contact your Account Executive for specific details on how FTS’s VoIP service can give your business an edge over the competition.
Q Do I need VoIP?
   A Many businesses can save money by switching to VoIP for their voice communication needs. Our Account Executives can help you explore options and find out how much your business can save. Additionally, the option of running voice and data communications over the same circuits is another way to save money.
Q Can VoIP make my business more competitive?
   A Definitely. Depending on your communications needs, VoIP has the potential to deliver significant savings on communication, letting you allocate valuable resources where they should be allocated: growing your business.
Q What kind of equipment do I need for VoIP?
   A Many current phone technologies are capable of running VoIP. If you currently have a PBX, our Account Executives can help you determine whether you’re ready for VoIP. FTS also offers hosted IP-PBX, allowing you to avoid the hassle of maintaining your own equipment.
Q What features does FTS’s service have?
   A FTS offers a variety of VoIP service packages with myriad features, priced and configured according to the specific needs of your business. We are a complete business communication solution provider. Contact your Account Executive for specific details on how FTS’s VoIP service can give your business an edge over the competition.
Q What is a smart jack?
   A A smart jack is the same thing as a demarc. It is where you “plug in” to the Internet.
Q What is a demarc?
   A A demarc is the door to your T1 or phone service. The carrier will make a connection from its network to your physical location. It looks like a normal phone jack, and is where you “plug in” to the internet.
Q What happens if I move?
   A FTS’s Customer Care Specialists work hard to make your company’s move as seamless as possible. They will make the necessary arrangements with your data carrier to set up your service and get it connected at your new location.
Q What are my options to make changes to my services?
   A To upgrade or downgrade your service there are several options that can be discussed with your Account Executive. If you are not sure of your Account Executive’s contact information, please call Customer Care at 800-649-2211 and they will provide you the information.
Q Can I use another power adaptor other than the one supplied by the manufacture for the ATA or IP Phone.
   A NO. You must use the adaptor provided by the manufacture of the device. If you use another power adaptor you will destroy the ATA or IP Phone. This will void all warranties and will not work. Many times the power adaptor may look the same and fit the same plug but do not use another adaptor execpt the one provided with your specific ATA or IP Phone.
Q How long is it going to take to fix my issue?
   A FTS takes customer support seriously. We employ highly trained technicians to keep you up and running. Many problems can be resolved remotely, while some problems require a more in-depth approach. We will work hard to solve your specific issues as fast as we can.
Q How long does porting numbers take?
   A FTS can transfer your existing phone numbers to your new BusinessVoIP system. It typically takes 3-4 weeks to complete the porting process, depending on how many numbers you have to transfer. We realize that speed is essential; most of our small and medium-sized business customers have found that the process can be completed in about 30 days.
Q How do I disconnect my service?
   A If at any time you choose to terminate your service with FTS, let us know 30 days prior to the final date on which you need access to your service. We’ll handle the rest.
Q Does this company have any references of people running voice over IP?
   A FTS enjoys a high industry-leading customer retention rate. FTS can provide you with references
Q Does FTS offer in-house support, or is it outsourced?
   A FTS offers in-house support here in Orlando, FL. It makes the entire experience transparent to the customer. Our small and medium-sized business customers have found this to be a terrific added value to FTS’s service.
Q Does FTS have manuals for my phone system?
   A The most up-to-date Manuals for phones and systems provided by FTS can be found at the manufactures website. As techonogology changes rapidly its best to view the user guides and manuals form the manufacture directly. All the manufactures we use have easy to download user guides and help sections for your specific equipment.
Q Who do I call to report trouble on the weekends?
   A Please email your issues to service@ftstelecom.com this email is checkd on weekends too. Please include your full name and phone number.
Q 321-806-2409 is now working. I apologize for my frustration earlier. When I unplugged everything and plugged it back in, I put the phone cord into Phone 2 instead of Phone 1 (as they are backwards). Sorry for my foolish error.
   A No Problem…Most of the problems are solved by rebooting everythine. This is true for most electronic devices, computers, routers and modems.
Q How can I open a trouble ticket?
   A If you are having difficulty with your FTS services, you can get the ball rolling quickly by opening a trouble ticket online. Point your browser to www.ftstelecom.com then click on “Contact Us.” Additionally, you can call one of our Customer Care specialists at 1-800-649-2211 . The specialists are trained to get you the answers you need. To help speed up the trouble ticket process, please make sure to include the following information:

1. Service address affected with main phone number
2. Local Contact name, number and access hours to site (this needs to be a contact at the location of the service.)

Q can i accept collect calls with this phone service
   A Collect calls are not allowed.
Q Road Runner had an issue today. I got the internet fixed. I have reset the LinkSys several times, but still cannot get a dial tone. Please fix. I tried to call your customer service, and got voice mail at 4:45 p.m., Monday, 1/19/09. You can’t call me because my phone won’t work. However, my phone number is 321-806-2409.
   A Most times the problem is with incorrect connections. Please review your cables and if in doubt call us so we can walk you through the process.
Q Why do the dates on the tasks keep changing?
   A FTS believes in complete transparency throughout the ordering and installation processes. Our technicians will provide detailed notes and due dates for the various tasks so that you can keep abreast of the progress. Occasionally, a date may have to be moved back to accommodate a carrier’s schedule. We do our best to minimize any such extensions and will always let you know what is going on.
Q What sort of installation support do you provide?
   A When you sign a contract with FTS, an installation representative will guide you through every step of the process, from scheduling to initialization. We acquire the connection to the local and national carriers, activate the service, and coordinate service personnel. Additionally, we will provide you with a detailed chain of command, so you know who is responsible for every step of the process.
Q How fast can I get my order provisioned?
   A FTS works hard to get your business up and running as quickly as possible. Our installation specialists will get your order provisioned in the same business day.
Q What type of equipment will I need to move to a FTS system?
   A In many cases, our customers can use their current telecommunications equipment. If you currently have an IP PBX or SIP-ready equipment you will need no additional hardware. We can also help you acquire the equipment necessary to convert your analogue voice equipment to VoIP technology. FTS will refer customers wishing to upgrade their equipment to our certified PBX partners.
Q What is IP-PBX?
   A IP-PBX is communication equipment located on the physical premises of the business. It is the backbone of an office communications system.
Q What equipment is required for the activation?
   A FTS will handle connecting the data to your business location. All you need to provide is a router and cables. FTS’s experienced Account Executives will provide the correct equipment during the initial order process, making it as seamless as possible, so you can get back to the business of doing business.
Q Explain How my numbers will port or be switched to your phone system
   A The following will happen in the process of porting your lines

1) FTS will call phone company and ask them to disconnect all features for all your lines. The phone company requires us to do this in order to port your numbers.
2) This porting process can take up to 3 or 4 weeks but it usually happens faster in about 10 days. In the mean time you will continue to use your old phone system. We have to tell you 3 or 4 weeks but all our ports have been done in about 10 days
3) When the port is approved by the old phone company they will give a date and we will pass this info to you.
4) When the hunt group is disconnected with the old phone company the lines will not roll over and they will ring individually on your existing phone system.
5) The day the lines port over there will be a disruption of service for a few hours until the lines port from the the old phone companys switch to ours.
7) Any 800 numbers will only take a few days to port therefore we will request the port of the 800 number a few days before the main lines port.
8) When everything is done the 800 numbers and your lines will ring on the new system.

Q How long does it take to get a new VoIP system?
   A Typically, we can get your new BusinessVoIP system up and running in 3-5 business days. We maintain a large stock of local numbers in more than 300 markets, so we probably have the numbers you need in stock. If we need to secure additional numbers, the process will take 5-10 business days.
Q Do I want SIP trunking or hosted PBX?
   A It depends on the type of PBX you currently have. If you have recently made a large investment in phone technology, it might make sense for you to go with our SIP trunking service, which would allow you to leverage your current investment with the latest technologies. Our Account Executives can assist you in making this determination.
Q What is hosted PBX?
   A FTS offers business the option of avoiding the purchase and maintenance of expensive telecommunications equipment. Hosted IP-PBX systems are best for businesses that want to “get out of the business of telecommunications management.” Our Account Executives can help you determine if this option is best for you.
Q Why should I choose FTS instead of contracting with the carrier directly?
   A FTS is able to negotiate the best available rates from the leading national carriers. Because we purchase access in bulk, we can pass significant savings on to you. We will give you a comparison of the leading providers, allowing you to choose the best rate. Additionally, if you have business premises in multiple locations, we can mix and match carriers, building you the best rate package available. FTS also offers complete customer support. All of our customers – regardless of their size – receive the same outstanding technical support.
Q Who are FTS’s customers?
   A FTS deals with business of all sorts, all around the country. We provide complete business communications solutions to small and medium-sized business and Fortune 500 companies, we have helped companies like yours achieve their communications needs.
Q What is e911?
   A E911 is an improvement to the traditional 911 Emergency phone system. E911 provides emergency operators with a physical address for each incoming call. This offers obvious public safety advantages. Some VoIP providers (like Vonage) direct 911 calls to a central operator, who will gather the necessary address information and forward it to the authorities. E911-compliant systems connect you – and your address – directly to the local public safety officials. Our ELS phone lines are fully E911-compliant, offering you and your employees complete peace of mind.
Q What does FTS do?
   A FTS provides premier data and voice communications solutions, along with comprehensive customer support. FTS helps small and medium-sized businesses around the country leverage cutting-edge technology and complete transparency to enable them to compete directly with large enterprise. FTS’s experienced Account Executives can help you discover how your company can save money and time by utilizing advanced VoIP and data technologies.
Q What can I do through the FTS portal?
   A The FTS website portal is the key to managing your FTS services. Through the portal, you can track what’s happening with your account, from installation, to activation, to support and billing. You can change some of the options for your services as well. Go to http:/FTStelecom.com to see the options.
Q What are international rates?
   A FTS offers very competitive international rates. See all our rates on our website or contact one of our Account Executives for specific pricing details.
Q Can I place my phone Service on Vacation
   A FTS can place your service on a lower plan for the duration of your vaccation if you plan to be out of town for 3 months or more. You can also take your service with you if you have our Digital service this way you will never be out of touch. Connect your ATA to any broadband connection anywhere and you can use your phone as you were at home.
Q Is FTS an agent or are they the provisioning company?
   A FTS is the provisioning company. We are not an agent. We manage the customer’s implementation, billing, and support An agent will sell the transaction and then allow another company to manage all of the support and implementation. You may never hear from that person again, whereas at FTS, we handle all of this in-house. This guarantees a seamless data and voice experience.
Q How long are the service contracts?
   A FTS offers one, two, and three-year VoIP and data contracting. By signing a longer contract, you can lock in lower rates and reduce some installation charges. Additionally, FTS offers the ability to re-negotiate pricing options at the end of a contract term.
Q How good is FTS’s service?
   A FTS takes service seriously. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible experience. We would not sell a service or product without fully testing it first.
Q Does FTS offer international phone numbers?
   A FTS provides local numbers in more than 5,300 domestic service areas within the USA, Canada and Puerto Rico. At this time, we do not provide additional international numbers other than in Canada.
Q Can I keep my phone number?
   A Probably. Along with many other features, FTS supports number porting from almost all service providers. We can configure your system with your current numbers, offering your customers and employees a seamless transition.
Q Can I get new numbers as I need them?
   A Absolutely. Flexibility is a hallmark of FTS’s small and medium-sized business VoIP service. We can add additional DIDs at any time. Click here to contact one of our Account Executives for details.
Q Can I get a custom toll-free or local number?
   A FTS maintains voice-capable SIP trunks, offering full Local Number Portability (LNP) compliance. We support local call origination from 5,300+ rate centers, covering 300+ markets. Our service footprint covers 93% of the U.S. population, with 1,000 to 10,000 phone numbers available in each unique rate center. We can request specific numbers, but cannot guarantee them. Our number porting service allows you to move the custom numbers you currently have to a FTS VoIP system.
Q Will your SIP trunks work over our existing data connection?
   A FTS recommends a T1 data connection for the best call quality. T1 lines offer the best combination of uptime, stability, and reduced latency. Our Account Executives can help your business experience the increased productivity of a T1 line and the efficiency of VoIP communications with our bundled service packages. FTS’s SIP trunking can run on IP-enabled PBXs or on an Asterisk server.
Q Why should I go with SIP?
   A SIP easy to use, is scalable, and saves companies money. With SIP, you can buy exactly the number of lines you need. You can route calls to any domestic physical location, and you can leverage your existing infrastructure to maximize your investment potential. Click here to learn more.
Q What is Voice Optimized Internet?
   A Voice Optimized Internet (VOA) is a technology FTS offers to ensure call quality. Essentially,one circuit (ADSL, SDSL, or T-1) is delivered to the customer site. The circuit is provisioned with two separate IP addresses one for data traffic and the other for voice traffic. Using this method, the voice traffic is prioritized from the customer premises all the way to the carrier network. This reduces the congestion for both inbound and outbound voice traffic.
Q What is Traffic Shaping?
   A Traffic shaping is a technology used to enhance call quality. Used by EdgeMarc routers, traffic shaping software can differentiate between voice and data traffic. The software then throttles back the speed on the data traffic to make room for the voice traffic to proceed on the network unimpeded.
Q What is SIP trunking?
   A SIP trunking is a means of leveraging the powerful SIP technology to provide dedicated multimedia support to a physical location. A SIP trunk is a connection between your IP network and the SIP network of your telephony provider – in essence, a SIP trunk is a phone line.
Q What is NAT traversal?
   A NAT means Network Address Translation. When you connect to the Internet, information you send and receive is typically passed through a firewall, which protects your network infrastructure from hackers. Each individual network that is connected to the public Internet is identified by an IP address. Devices on the outside of your firewall see your publicly-routed IP Address; devices on the network inside of the firewall are addressed with private, non-routable IP addresses.
When information passes through the firewall, it does so in the form of data packets. Each packet contains an IP address, telling it where its from and where its going. When a packet passes through the firewall to the public Internet, the private IP address is replaced with the publicly-routed IP address. When information passes from the public Internet through the firewall, the publicly-routed IP address is replaced with a private one and routed to the appropriate device.
Q What is E.164 Numbering?
   A E.164 Numbering is the international standard for assigning telephone numbers. Almost all of FTS DIDs are E.164-compliant, which means that phone systems anywhere in the world can reach them.
Q What is call QoS?
   A QoS stands for Quality of Service. Quality of Service (QoS) is the idea that transmission rates, error rates, and other characteristics can be measured, improved, and, to some extent, guaranteed in advance.
Is the sound clear? Is there any jitter or latency? These are questions that determine the level of QoS.
Q What is a Dedicated Voice Connection?
   A A dedicated voice connection is an Internet connection used solely for voice traffic. It carries no data packets, so traffic congestion, latency, and jitter are not issues. It is one of the best ways to ensure call quality, but it is generally not cost effective, because it requires the purchase of an additional T1-class Internet connection.
Q What codecs do you support?
   A FTS supports both the g.711 codec and the g.729a codec. The g.711 requires about 80-90k per call, while the g.729a requires about 30k.
Q Is my VoIP system secure?
   A Your VoIP system is as secure as any other data leaving or entering your network. If you employ the use of a SIP-enabled firewall, your VoIP traffic is relatively secure. For someone to gain access to your VoIP calls, they would have to steal all of the packets leaving your network. The only way to do that is to be physically present at one of the points of transmission.
Q How much internet speed do I need?
   A Each business is unique in its communications requirements. Your bandwidth needs depend on how many users you have at your location, and what those users are doing. For internet companies like MapleLeafOnlineCasino we offer high speed access.
Q How much bandwidth does each phone call take?
   A The amount of bandwidth for a call depends on the codec that is being used. The g.711 requires about 80-90k per call, while the g.729a requires about 30k.

Q How is SIP affected by NAT traversal?
   A SIP messages, which are carried inside of data packets, also include IP address information. Traditional NAT does not ?open the packet? to change the IP information inside the SIP message. Therefore, the VoIP provider will not be able to send the call to the appropriate location. SIP requires a device to open the packet and adjust the IP information as it passes through the firewall.
Some firewall devices, known as Application Layer Gateways (ALGs), have the ability to make this change inside the SIP message. Though several ALGs are capable of SIP NAT traversal, FTS supports the Ingate SIParator and Edgewater Networks? EdgeMarc router. Other firewalls, including Sonicwall and Cisco ASA/PIX, have this capability, but FTS can only provide technical support for the Edgwater and Ingate ALGs.
Q How does FTS ensure call quality?
   A There are a several methods of ensuring the highest possible call quality. FTS recommends using a dedicated data connection of at least T1 speed, along with a properly-configured router using the latest QoS technologies. Click here to read about different methods of achieving call quality.
Q How do I know that I?m having a NAT-traversal issue?
   A NAT-traversal problems manifest themselves in several easy-to-identify ways. If you are experiencing any of the following problems, you may have a NAT-traversal issue:

1. Are you having one-way audio?
2. Is the call setting up (ringing), but missing sound?
3. Are calls not setting up in the first place?

If you are experiencing any of these issues with your VoIP service, call FTS?s Customer Care Specialists at 1-800-649-2211.

Q How do I handle a NAT-traversal issue?
   A FTS has several different options to help you deal with technical difficulties. If you are a Managed Network Services subscriber, we will take care of the problem from start to finish. If you don?t subscribe to MNS, call our Customer Care Specialists at 1-800-649-2211
Q Does FTS support IAX trunking?
   A FTS is a complete SIP trunking communications system provider. At this time, we do not support IAX trunking.
Q Are my VoIP calls secure?
   A VoIP traffic is as secure as any other data traffic you send out onto the public internet. There are ways of making the system more secure, including some technologies currently undergoing testing by FTS engineers, but none of the available technologies is yet universal. The best way to ensure security for your VoIP traffic is to employ the use of a SIP-enabled firewall.
Q What is TOS?
   A TOS stands for Type-of-Service splitting. It is a way of classifying and prioritizing the traffic on a data connection to give priority to voice traffic. If voice packets are held up by data traffic, latency and jitter issues can arise. Data packets, on the other hand, can handle slight delay far more easily. FTS currently utilizes TOS-splitting on outbound VoIP calls
Q How to Install the Digital Phone Adapter
   A Download PDF Digital Phone Adapter Guide here >>
Q How to use basic features included with the Digital Phone
   A FTS Online Account Management

FTS’s online control panel is located at www.ftstelecom.com Use it to edit your profile, configure features, listen to voicemail, and update your address on record for 911 dialing. Login information is included on the welcome letter that was sent with your FTS telephone adapter.

Basic Phone Functions
Use your phone, speakerphone, or headset just like you always have to make, answer or end a call. Dial the full 10 digit area code for US local and US/Canada long distance calls. Dial 011 plus the country code and phone number For International calls.

Listening to Voicemail
If you have a voicemail message, you’ll hear a stutter tone when you pick up your FTS phone. To access the message, dial your 10 digit number and enter the password provided in your welcome letter when prompted. To remotely access voicemail, dial your FTS number from any phone. When the greeting begins, press the * key and enter your password when prompted. You can also listen to voicemail over your PC via FTS’s online control panel.

Call Return: Use *69 to return your last incoming call.

Caller ID Block: Hide your identity when you make a phone call. Enable Caller ID Block by pressing *67 before making your call.

Call Block: Reject calls from specified numbers. Use the FTS online control panel to enter the telephone numbers you wish to block.

Do Not Disturb: Send callers right to voicemail – even before the first ring. Use the FTS online control panel to activate and deactivate this feature.

Speed Dial: Store up to 100 of the numbers you call most often, and then retrieve those numbers with a 2-digit combination. This feature is controlled through FTS’s online control panel.

Call Forwarding: Use the FTS online control panel to forward your FTS phone to another number.

Three-Way: Calling Dial the first party’s number. Once you are connected, press the flash button on your telephone and then *25. When you hear a dial tone, dial the second party’s number. Once they are connected, press the flash button again and *92. All parties will be connected on the call.

Call Waiting: Allows you to place a caller on hold to accept a second incoming call. A soft beep will alert you of the incoming call, which you can answer using the flash button on your phone. Unanswered calls will go to voicemail.

Call Waiting Deactivate: If you are on a call and wish to send all other incoming calls to voicemail, deactivate call waiting by pressing *70.

Q Is this service available for mentally retarded?
   A Our services are for every one.
Q How to connect more than one
device to the Cable or DSL modem
   A Customers must purchase a Switch or Router when trying to connect more than one device to the Cable / DSL modem. Most Cable / DSL modem comes with only one outlet for connecting one device like a computer or phone adaptor

To connect more devices a SWITCH must be purchased. Think of it like a connecting more than one device to your electrical outlet. To do this a power strip must be purchased. Similarly a Switch must be used to connect many devices to the modem provided by the Cable / DSL provider

Q Details about 911 Calling with the Digital Phone
   A FTS provides Basic 911 coverage nationwide and E911 where available. With E911 service, your registered address and phone number is automatically delivered to the proper local emergency call center. This information appears on the emergency dispatcher’s computer screen. If you live in an area where E911 has not yet been deployed, your call will be routed to an emergency call center through the traditional 911 network based on the information on record, however the dispatcher will not have your address and may not have your phone number.

For the purpose of providing 911 Dialing, FTS must know the physical location of your FTS telephone adapter. You will be prompted to provide this information during sign-up. If this address is not accurate or if you move your adapter to another location, even temporarily, you must use the FTS online account management portal or call customer service at (407) 331-8622 between the hours of 9:00am and 6:00pm EST to update the physical location of your adapter. If the physical location of your adapter is not accurately on record, emergency services will not be able to locate you if you are unable to speak your address or are disconnected even in areas where E911 service is available. Finally,911 service may be disrupted by power outages or outages of your Internet service.

Upon sign up, it may take several hours to process your 911 address. In the interim, FTS will send your 911 call to a national emergency response center. Changes to your information will be reflected within 15 minutes on average if there are no errors in the data provided.

You shall inform any household residents, guests and other third persons who may be present at the physical location where you utilize the Service of the important differences in and limitations of dialing 911 from a FTS phone. These limitations include but are not limited to unavailability in the event of a
power outage.

Please note that FTS WiFi service is different from the FTS VoIP service described above and is meant only for use as a secondary line. The FTS WiFi phone is intended to provide users with mobility. As such, emergency services may not be able to locate you if you are unable to speak your address or are disconnected. Additionally, 911 service is limited to the availability of compatible WiFi hotspots.

We urge you to review the “Emergency Services – 911 Dialing” section in the www.ftstelecom.comTerms of Service agreement for more information about 911 Dialing.

Q I can I transfer my service to my new home my number is 478-743-6290 we are ready know for the transfer to take place I tried customer service but was on hold 30 min or more. Thanks Pam
   A Yes You can move your service. Please call our customer service, or fill out the change order form on line and send it to us with all your new information.
Q How can I view my bill online or is this possible? Also, how do i register online with a current account?
   A Yes you can view your bill on line. All you have to do is provide us with your email address and we will send you information how to view your bill every month on line using our website.
Q Why isn’t my invoice charge equal to my MRC?
   A Your invoice charge includes your Monthly Recurring Charge (MRC) as well as any additional taxes, late fees or additional charges that may be assessed.
Q When does billing start on service?
   A FTS works to get you up and running as soon as possible. Our billing department will begin billing the day your service is installed.
Q What is MRC? What is NRC?
   A These acronyms refer to specific types of charges on your bill. MRC stands for Monthly Recurring Charge, and typically refers to the monthly payments you make for your services. NRC means Non-Recurring Charge, and is the money you pay initially for installation and initialization services.
Q What is a DID cost recovery fee?
   A A DID cost recovery fee is a government-mandated fee charged by all telecommunications providers to cover the cost of 911 service and various charges incurred by the provider. It is assessed at the same rate for each DID.
Q What are my options to pay my bill?
   A FTS offers our customers the opportunity to pay their bills many ways.

1. Mail:
Attn: Accounts Receivable
1667 S. Hwy 17-92
Suite 101
Longwood, FL 32750

2. Online:
Point your browser to https://www.FTStelecom.com to begin.
FTS accepts Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

3. Phone:
Contact one of our Customer Care Specialists at 1-800-649-2211 and they will take your credit card payment over the phone, or direct you to a payment center.

4. AutoPay:
You can sign up for this free service and your payment will be deducted every month from your credit card.

Q if i dont have a password to view my bill online what do i do
   A Call us or email us and we will provide you with your user ID and password.
Q How do I pay my FTS bill online?
   A To pay your bill online got to www.ftstelecom.com, clickon Bill Pay, fill in the details for PayPal and and use your credit card to pay your FTS bill. The address you must use when using PayPal is phonebill@ftstelecom.com. There is a PayPal link on the FTS site for you to use as well.
Q How do I request a credit on my account?
   A If there is an issue that we were not able to resolve due to an outage of your service, just email our Customer Care Specialists (service@FTStelecom.com), who will work with you to arrive at a solution.
Q How can I get a copy of my invoice?
   A If you need a copy of your invoice, simply go to www.ftstelecom.com login to the billing page and view your bill. You may also call (800) 649-2211 or email service@ftstelecom.com and talk to one of our Customer Care Specialists who are trained to assist you. To recieve your ebill you must have given us your email address in advance. If you want to get your bills via email please call or email our customer service and give them this information.
Q How are late fees assessed?
   A Late fees are assessed if no payment is made on time by the due date shown on your bill, if your payment is late, the late fee and the full payment will be due. These charges will also appear the next time a bill is run.
Q Can I get an extension on my bill
   A Extensions may be given due to extream hardship but under no circumstances will they be extended more than 2 weeks beyondthe due date. You must call customer service at 1-800-649-2211 and talk to a CSR and get prior aproval or your service may be terminated due to non payment.


Q How much is my bill?
   A To Find out how much you bill is please visit our website and login using your email address you gave us and your zip code. If you have not provided us with this information your bill will not be on line. You can send us an email using the contact section providing us with the email address you want your bill sent to. The next time the billruns you bill will be on line for you to view.

Q: I cannot view my bill . E-Mail me and tell me how to do this . I am tired of getting my phone shut off . Please send me all the necessary information I need to view my bill on line?


A: Your bill willgenerate the same day of every month. If you cant see the bill on line please email your full name and phone number and we will send you the user ID and password.