Joe came into our Corporate Office in Orlando FL, back in November of 2013 and met with Angela my Office Manager and Afshaan, IT Manger and indicated he could save us money and install a VoIP phone system that would work to our standards. We were with another provider at the time. In addition we had been trying for a year and half to get our previous provider to work with us and we have had no success, in fact we had several numbers that for over a year we could not get them to port over to us. Lastly one more frustration we were facing was whenever we type on our computers the phones would cut out or disconnect.

I must say when my Staff came to me about FTS I was nervous in dealing with another phone carrier. We have been losing business ever since we went with our previous providers because our clients could not contact us.

To my surprise everything FTS promised, they delivered. We have a 10 locations and the installation in every site went smoothly in addition, from start to finish FTS took only a short time to complete the transition. I would highly recommend FTS to others. At the end of the day we also saved money on our bill going with FTS.